Become a Master in 3d Visualisations

Whether you want to be an interior or exterior designer (or both!), we have the course for you. Our in-depth, online learning will take you from beginner to pro in just 7 weeks. Plus, you’ll benefit from our class-leading support team, who will be with you every step of the way. Remember, before the course starts VizAcademy signs a service contract for the entire duration of the course with each student.

Interiors & Exteriors

155 hours



(convinient payment in 3 instalments)

Perfect for those who want to learn interior and exterior rendering

✓ 7 weeks of classes (49 days – 155 hours)
✓ Includes introduction to Autodesk 3ds Max
✓ Everyday Live Support
✓ Group Chat
✓ Online live webinars 3 times per week
✓ Life access to videotutorials, webinars, homeworks
✓ Beginners and advanced users
✓ Modeling of interiors and furniture
✓ Creation of light in interiors
✓ Creation of materials in interiors
✓ Post-production in interiors (Photoshop)
✓ 3d architecture modeling and 3d landscape
✓ Creation of light in exterior shots
✓ Post-production in exteriors (Photoshop)
✓ Certificate of graduation
✓ Portfolio with 2-4 best quality interior visualisations
✓ Portfolio with 1-2 best quality exterior visualisations


Our Training Programme

Our detailed course will provide you with the tools and knowledge to create outstanding interior and exterior visualisations. For full confidence, take a look at what we’ll cover during each week of the course: